Outsourcing to The Western Balkans - Software Development and Technical Support Rates

Outsourcing to The Western Balkans - Software Development and Technical Support Rates

In today’s tech-savvy world, business solutions often require a highly skilled workforce. Hiring in-house may seem like a reasonable option. However, outsourcing or nearshoring talent and services, if done by the book, continues to be a much more sustainable business option.  

Taking the past experiences into account, you can nearshore your tech and business services support, to pretty much any country and thus save costs. However, the nearshoring rates differ substantially from one country to another. 

That is why outsourcing to the Western Balkan countries has become increasingly favorable for companies that are looking for a substantial cost-to-quality ratio.   

Let’s take a look at some of the key factors that set Western Balkan market apart from other markets in Europe:

  • Location convenience 
  • Low costs airfares
  • Cultural proximity to Western Europe
  • Main European time zone CET (GMT + 1 hour) – time zone compatibility with Europe
  • Foreign language availability
  • Cultural similarities 
  • Future BPO destination in Europe

Bosnia and Herzegovina is no exception to the rule. Conveniently located just 2 hours flight away from all the major European capitals, Bosnia and Herzegovina has a rising number of foreign investors in the past few years.

Having a workforce that’s highly proficient in English and German languages, Bosnia has been attracting clients from the DACH region along with several countries from the Visegrad group.   

Let’s take a look at most commonly outsourced IT technical support and software development roles to Bosnia and Herzegovina and their hourly rates in 2020:

Storsen IT Technical Support Rates in the Western Balkans
Storsen Software Development hourly rates in the Western Balkans

By hourly rates we mean estimated hourly rates with fully loaded costs (all costs included).

* Tier 1 (T1) – candidates with the English language proficiency

** Tier 2 (T2) – candidates with the English, German or other language proficiency

storsen software development outsourcing talent pool

Besides having access to highly skilled IT talent at lower rates, you will get additional advantages such as increasing in-house efficiency, cutting overhead costs, gaining more time to focus on core projects. 

Now that you have familiarized yourself with all the benefits of outsourcing to West Balkan countries, it still may seem like a daunting task. To avoid any additional costs and to save time, it’s best to partner up with an outsourcing company that’s going to lay the groundwork for you.

Our mission at Storsen is to enable companies to focus on their projects and scaling up of their core business while we seamlessly handle all the back-office operations: payroll, finance, human resources (recruitment) operations. 


Outsourcing in the Balkan region has been gaining traction in the past couple of years. We at Storsen proudly connect our international business partners with Bosnia and Herzegovina’s diverse, multilingual, and highly skilled talent pool. Having cultural and working styles similarities to Western Europe makes the Balkan region the ultimate outsourcing destination.

Benjamin Kadić
Managing Director, Storsen BH

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